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Gina Piazza Published Articles

Gina Piazza has been published in over 35 sports, health & fitness publications. Below are just some of the magazines with my published article.


Sports Chiropractic: How to get in the Game

Yes you can do Fitness in Relatively Small Spaces

Expanding Into the Golf Arena
5 Articles Published in DC Products Review
◊ Creating Wellness/Fitness For A Healthier Practice
◊ Fitness Leader/Assessment For A Healthier Practice
◊ Outfitting Your Practice For Fitness And Wellness
◊ Creating Fitness And Wellness Using Stability Ball
◊ Become The Golf Specialist & Promote Your Niche
4 Articles Published in DC Products Review
◊ Transform Practice To A Fitness & Wellness Center
◊ Proprioceptive Training For Your Patients
◊ Reaching Your Share Of The 24 Million Golfers
◊ Fitness Sessions Complement Patient Appointments
4 Articles Published in Club Solutions
◊ Offer A Golf Specific Program at your Fitness Club
◊ Training the Trainers - Continuing Education
◊ Training the Trainers - Advanced Certifications
◊ Suitable Fitness Certifications for Your Trainers
6 Articles Published in Personal Trainer
◊ Developing Core Stability and Proper Posture
◊ Preventing Golf Injuries & the Right Equipment
◊ Sit Up Straight
◊ Add Some Balance Into Your Client's Routine
◊ Developing a Golf Specific Program
◊ Body Compostion and Client Analysis
6 Articles Published in Long Island Golfer
◊ Winter Conditioning for Spring Golf
◊ Common Golf Injuries: Part 1 and 2
◊ Exercise: An Essential Component to Your Regime
◊ Increase Your Flexibility
◊ Lower Back Strength and Flexibility: Part 1 and 2
◊ Better Posture
3 Articles Published in Golf Teaching Pro
◊ Exercise: An Essential Component for Golfers
◊ Stretch the Hips and Torso: Part 1
◊ Stretch the Hips and Torso: Part 2

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Improving the Golf Swing

On the Right Course: Develop Golf Fitness Workshops

Fore: Create and Sell Effective Golf Fitness Programs

Stretch For Big Drives - Golf Digest

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